Strategically located at the industrial heartland of M.P., the state of art dry port lies a mere 45 kms from the financial nerve center of Central India - Indore. Spread over an area of 17 acre with all the necessary infrastructure, ICD Pithampur brings to you all the advantages offered by major maritime ports like Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNP), Nhava Sheva (NSICT), and Mumbai Port (MbP) for containerized cargo, & Sahar Air Port, Mumbai, for air-cargo.


For the trade-rich Central India comprising of Indore, Pithampur, Dewas, Mandideep, Bhopal, Nagda, Ghatabillod, Dhamnod, Sarangpur, Ratlam, Pilukhedi etc. ICD Pithampur a popular port of call for Import and Export cargo brings about a sea change in the region's international trade aspirations.


The ICD which came into existence on 01/09/1994, currently oversees operations of a phenomenal 100 exporters and Importers. Main among them are listed as under:
Sr. Importer/Exporter Sr. Importer/Exporter
1 Adreash Global 18 National Steel
2 Anant Spinning Mills Ltd. 19 Neo Sack Ltd.
3 BridgeStone ACC(I) Ltd. 20 Pithampur Poly Products
4 Flexituf International 21 Plethico Pharmaceuticals
5 Ford India Ltd. 22 Prakash Overseas
6 Girnar Fibres Ltd. 23 Pratibha Syntex
7 Gujrat Ambuja 24 Ranbaxy Lab. Ltd.
8 HEG Ltd. 25 Ritspin Synthetics
9 Hindstan Motors (AVTEC) 26 Shakti Pumps
10 Indo Borex 27 Sheetal Industries
11 Indo Rama Synthetics 28 Soni Ispat
12 Hind Filters 29 Syncom Formulation
13 Jyoti Overseas 30 STI Ltd.,
14 Kshipra Gears 31 Tata Holset Ltd.
15 L&T Case Equipment Ltd. 32 Tata International Ltd.
16 Mahle Migma Ltd. 33 Vasihnav Fibres
17 Mittal Applicances 34 Grasim Industries


Main commodities handled at ICD Pithampur are as under:
Sr. Commodities Imp./Exp. Sr. Commodities Imp./Exp.
1 Chemicals 10 Cotton & Synthetic Yarn
2 Dehydrated Oil Cakes (DOC) 11 Cotton & Synthetic Fibres
3 Electro-grade Coke, Calcined Petroleum Coke 12 Iron & Steel
4 Handicrafts 13 Leather Goods
5 Machiner & Spare Parts 14 Pharmaceutical Products
6 Pulses & Spices 15 Raw Material for tyres
7 Readymade Garments 16 Tyre Cord Fabrics & Syn. Rubber Articles
8 Dissolving Pulp 17 Motor Vehicle Parts
9 Aluminum Scrap 18 Accetate Tow


ICD Pithampur is thus home to agents of approx. 50 premier shipping companies. Some of them have been listed below:
Sr. Shipping Lines. Sr. Shipping Lines
1 American President Line 14 Mediterian Shipping Co.
2 Arebee Star Shipping Lines 15 Mitsui OSK Lines
3 Container Maritime Agency 16 NYK Lines
4 Crescent Shipping 17 P&O Nedlloyd
5 James Macintosh 18 Samara Shipping
6 Maersk India Ltd. 19 Shipping Corp. of India
7 China Shipping 20 Transworld Shipping
8 COSCO 21 Sea World
9 Diamond 22 Ever Green
10 Freight Con. 23 Goodrich
11 HMM 24 Happaglloyd
12 MCS Shipping 25 Safe Marine
13 Sea Bridge 26 Sea Horse


Already a pioneer in clearance of containerized cargo by the sea route, ICD Pithampur has been linked as a satellite Air-cargo Complex to Sahar Airport, Mumbai in Custom bonded Closed Body Trucks (CBTs) under its own custodianship. Various airlines being used by customers of ICD Pithampur are as under:
Sr. Airlines Sr. Airlines
1 Air France 8 Koren Air
2 Air India 9 Lufthansa Cargo
3 Alitalia Airways 10 Malaysian Airlines
4 British Airways 11 Singapore Airlines
5 Cathay Pacific 12 South African Airlines
6 Emirates Air 13 Swiss Air
7 KLM Cargo 14 Thai Airways


THE DRY PORT - ICD Pithampur

According to a feasibility study conducted by CONCOR before setting up the ICD at Pithampur, this region is exporting & importing around 12000 containers (20000 TEUs) per annum. With passage of time & further expansonof industrial & trade activity after the study, this figure has increased to not less than 20,000 containers per annum. The State Govt. of Madhya Pradesh has shown deep interest in this dry port, right from the beginning, keeping in view the tremendous benefits of the dry port to the export-import oriented trade & industry of the sate. Infact, the State Govt. financed a major part of the project cost of the dry port by providing a soft loan of Rs. 1.00 Crores to CONCOR.

The dry port deals with containerized exports & imports as distinct from break-bulk cargo. The benefits of containerization are manifold; it allowed door to door transport, speedy inter-modal transfers, low handling costs, reduced breakage& pilferage, lower insurance cost and early payment to exporters. No doubt, that is why, the trend in international trade is towards ever increasing containerization of export-import cargo. The dry port has proved a boon to the exporters & importers of the region by providing to them all those facilities required for Customs clearance and stuffing and destuffing of their cargo, at one single place in their vicinity which hitherto were available only in Sea Port town like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc. This is as if the port drawn to their footsteps, without water, and hence the title- "DRY PORT".

The ICD Pithampur has attained the status of a mini Custom house, and is extending all customs facilities available at any gateway port. All the export incentive schemes like DEEC Status Holder, DEPB, DRAWBACK, DFRC, EPCG, DFIA, Focus Market, V.V.K.U.I., Target Plus, 100 EOU are available at ICD, Pithampur and regularly monitored, so as to see that the there is no delay in customs clearance and obtaining of export related benefits. It has also been insured, as far as possible, that all the export documents filed on a particular date are cleared on the same day and the import cargo is cleared within few hours.


  • ICD, Pithampur occupies an area of 17 acres sufficient to cater to the requirement of this region.
  • Modern all weather Warehouse of 20,000 sq. feet floor area.
  • Bank counter facility.
  • STD/Fax/Photocopy facility booth.
  • Availability of one reach-stacker, three 70 T cranes, three hydra cranes, two fork-lifts, and adequate labour for handling, stuffing/destuffing of containers/CBTs.
  • Excellent lighting arrangements to allow night working.
  • Well-groomed security to ensure safety of consignments.
  • 70 trailers to cater to the road transport between ICD & Ratlam and also for local requirement of factory stuffing / de-stuffing.
  • Facility for choking & palletisation available
  • Custom House Agents to help & expedite process.
  • Shipping Agents available.
  • LCL facility to encourage the small exporters
  • Air Cargo facility through Truck Bonding procedure. Goods are Custom cleared and sent to SAHAR AIRPORT, where under Customs supervision, they are loaded to the Aircraft as per the destination.
  • Importers can manifest import containers directly to the ICD for delivery. On arrival of the containers at the sea port - Mumbai Port and Nhava Sheva Port, CONCOR transports them to the ICD, where the same are Customs cleared.
  • Exporter's find the empty containers readily available at the ICD for stuffing. After stuffing, the export containers are custom cleared and sealed at ICD itself.
  • CONCOR transport the same to the seaport and hands over to the respective shipping lines for further carriage overseas.
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